We are no strangers to ticks in Northern California. Our lush landscape makes it hard to resist spending time outside, but it does come with a risk: ticks. These tiny parasites pack a large punch and can lead to significant health issues for your dog or cat that ranges from irritated skin to Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The team at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital wants to help you figure out how to remove ticks before they cause any problems:

Tick Spotting

Since ticks are prevalent in our area throughout the year, it is important to check over your dog or cat any time they go outside. Brush your hand slowly over their coat to check for any unusual bumps. If you come across any, take a closer look to see if the raised area is actually a tick that has burrowed into the skin. 

It is important to check every spot on your dog or cat. This includes the tail, between the toes, and even inside the ears. Ticks are crafty little creatures and they will hitch a ride wherever they can on your pet. 

Tick Removal

Once you know there is a tick on your pet, you can use a pair of tweezers to remove it and protect yourself with a pair of gloves. Use the following method to safely and effectively remove the tick from your pet’s skin:

  • With the tweezers, get a tight grip on the tick (you want to get as close to the animal’s skin as possible without pinching the skin)
  • In one, swift motion, pull the tick out and up and discard immediately
  • Remember to remove the tick swiftly—too much movement can spread any infection that already exists and potentially detach the tick from its mouth, which will be left on your animal’s skin
  • Clean your hands thoroughly
  • Put on a new pair of gloves and clean the affected area of your pet’s skin with rubbing alcohol
  • Clean off the tweezer with rubbing alcohol or another disinfectant 

Pet Wellness Check

Even if you removed the tick quickly, you should schedule an appointment with your Sunrise Boulevard veterinarian to get a wellness check and make sure everything looks good. The veterinarian will be able to tell you if your pet needs any further medication or care. Our team can also talk to you about tick preventives that will help your dog or cat avoid ticks in the future.

Whether your pet needs a tick check or you want to schedule your annual wellness exam, the team at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital is always here to help you give your pets the best life. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (916) 726-2334.