Preventive health is the focus of creating a quality of life and longevity for our families. This includes regular examinations, advanced diagnostics, nutrition, and so on. In fact, wellness care is the foundation of a healthy and happy life. This is equally true for our pets. 

Pet wellness care encompasses all of the important components of holistic health, including personalization of care. Your team at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital has developed custom wellness plans for your furry friend, based on their life stage and your individual pet. We are pleased to offer you excellent wellness care to keep your pet in great health. Read on to learn more.

What Is Pet Wellness Care?

Wellness care is holistic. It means not just treating disease, but taking steps to prevent them. Wellness care focuses first on getting to know your pet and understanding their unique needs. This includes their propensity for disease and genetic conditions, taking a close look at diet, exercise, and lifestyle, and of course maintaining exams and lab testing.

Wellness care has been instrumental in disease prevention and early detection of disease. It has extended the life of most pets and has improved the quality of life of those with medical conditions. It also encompasses behavioral health, such as training and socialization and cognitive functioning.

When a pet  is getting great wellness care, they are better prepared to face life stage changes. Senior wellness is quite different from puppy/kitten wellness, as age impacts what a pet requires for good health. 

Our Pet Wellness Plans

We understand that multiple visits to the vet can add up, especially if your pet is a senior or puppy/kitten, as they have more veterinary care needs. This is why we created wellness plans that can be customized to your pet’s age. 

Adult Dog Wellness

Active adults require regular examinations and diagnostic testing to prevent disease, illness, and conditions that can later emerge without veterinary care. Our adult dog wellness plans include unlimited scheduled exams, vaccinations, core vaccines, fecal testing (for internal parasites), blood work and heartworm testing, and routine dental cleaning (with Essential Plus package).

Puppy Wellness

Puppies require multiple vaccine boosters in the first year, and this is a very important time in their development. Our puppy plans include: unlimited scheduled visits and exams, core vaccines and boosters, deworming, giardia testing, nail trim, and complimentary microchipping. You also have the option to incorporate spay/neuter as well as heartworm/flea/tick prevention into the plans.

Adult Cat Wellness

Your frisky feline will stay healthy and vibrant through ongoing wellness. Our adult cat wellness plans include: unlimited scheduled examinations, core vaccines, Leukemia/FIV/Heartworm test, nail trim, giardia screening, and dental cleaning package (with Essential Plus).

Kitten Wellness

Your young cat will benefit from regular wellness care, from those important initial screenings to vaccines. Our kitten wellness plans include: unlimited scheduled examinations, core vaccines, deworming, nail trim, Leukemia/FIV/Heartworm test, and microchipping. Just like our puppy package, you can include your kitten’s spay/neuter and heartworm/flea/tick prevention into the plans, too.

Healthy for Life

No matter what life stage your precious pet is in, through a great wellness program and excellent at home care, your pet will be set for a healthy, happy life. Our wellness programs include giving you recommendations on how you can provide better care at home, including diet, exercise, training, and enrichment.


Call us to learn more about our pet wellness plans, or schedule an appointment. We are looking forward to meeting your best friend and partnering with you on a journey of great veterinary care.