Your pet’s oral health is the key to many other aspects of good health. In fact, dental disease has been linked to heart disease and other diseases of the internal body, such as liver disease. What was once an afterthought, keeping your pet’s teeth healthy through daily tooth brushing and annual examinations is something that is paramount to overall well-being.

That is why the team at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital want to explain how important pet dental cleanings using anesthesia is. We are here to explain this safe and effective process that can change your pet’s health for the better.

What Is a Pet Dental Cleaning?

A dental cleaning removes the plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth. These are responsible for dental disease, or periodontal disease, that can harm your pet over time. During a cleaning, your pet will be prepped and placed under anesthesia. A skilled technician, along with your veterinarian will monitor your pet during this time, as well as advanced anesthesia monitoring technology.

While under anesthesia, your veterian will perform a thorough exam, carefully looking at each tooth and the gums. Special equipment is used to rid the teeth of buildup. 

A pet dental cleaning includes:

  • Removal of plaque and tartar on the teeth and under the gums
  • Examining each tooth, probing for disease
  • Polishing the enamel to remove scratches 
  • Digital X-rays to look below the surface of the gums
  • Application of fluoride 

The results will be documented in your pet’s chart to alert us to any changes to their oral health in future examinations.

Why Is Anesthesia Required?

Some pet owners have concerns that their pets must be put under anesthesia. Any time a pet requires anesthesia is understandably concerning. However, anesthesia is a safe and effective way to get your pet’s teeth clean and fully examined. 

Without the use of anesthesia, we would not be able to thoroughly examine and x-ray a pet, nor would a pet be able to be awake during scaling, polishing, and the other necessary requirements for cleaning. This is why precautions are taken prior to cleaning to ensure the safety and readiness of your pet for anesthesia. During the cleaning, your pet will be monitored by our skilled staff. 

Benefits of Pet Dental Cleanings

There are numerous benefits of professional pet dental cleaning. These include ridding your pet of the dangerous plaque and tartar that can compromise your pet’s oral health, as well as general health. Cleaning allows us to get a closer look at the entire mouth structure, including the health of the gums, teeth, tongue, and lips. 

From there, we can continue to keep a watch on your pet’s teeth and be proactive in keeping them from further plaque, tartar, and other problems.We hope this gives you a better understanding of the importance of pet dental cleanings using anaesthesia. For more information on dental cleanings, or to schedule an appointment, please call us.