Cats want us to know that they’ve got everything under control. They are finely tuned to getting whatever they want or need, and do a great job at keeping up appearances that all is well. The truth is, cats need help from their humans. They may not always enjoy your efforts, but keeping cat health a priority at home profoundly influences their day-to-day wellness. 

Mind the Gap

A lot of time goes by between your cat’s routine wellness exams. Even if you diligently maintain a yearly or biannual trip to the vet, your cat benefits from your everyday observations of their appearance and behavior. Generally speaking, any changes to your cat’s normal habits could be explained by underlying health issues. Please take note of anything new or different, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (916) 726-2334 with any questions or concerns. 

Look and Luster

A healthy cat presents a shiny, brilliant coat. A dull-looking coat full of dandruff, mats tangles, and collected debris requires immediate action. When a cat lacks the interest or ability in their appearance, something is way off. They could be in pain and cannot comfortably groom themselves, or perhaps they’ve gained weight and lack the flexibility they previously enjoyed. If their skin appears inflamed or dry, they could be suffering from allergies or have an infection.

Their personal grooming habits also extend to their eyes, ears, and nose. A shiny, clear appearance to their eyes indicates vitality, whereas any crustiness, discharge, or swelling are signs of possible infection. The ears should have a clean look, too, without wax build-up or skin irritation. Watch for excessive scratching of the area. Look for any signs of build-up or crustiness on and around the nose that may indicate ill health. 

Teeth and Gums

While you and your cat are having a quiet cuddle together, see if you can lift their upper lip to peak inside their mouth. The first red flag of periodontal disease is bad breath. By the time this symptom is noticeable, it requires immediate medical attention. 

A sure sign of excellent cat health is a clean mouth. White, shiny teeth with little to no tartar build up is what you’re shooting for. A cat with dental problems may drop their food, stop chewing, or may not eat at all. Pay attention to the look of the gums, and if you notice any redness, swelling, or bleeding, please call us at (916) 726-2334 or click here for an appointment. 

Diet, Nutrition, and Weight

Many cats gain weight as they age. You can stay in front of various health complications associated with weight gain by measuring meal portions, restricting treats, and maintaining a daily exercise program. 

Cat health hinges on age-appropriate nutrition. If you need help providing the right food for your cat’s specific life stage, please let us know. If you notice that your cat’s tummy is hanging down lower than before or you can’t feel their ribs, it’s time to address their weight;

The Virtues of Cat Health

Thanks in large part to the collaborative efforts between cat owners and veterinarians, cats are living longer than ever before. When you make cat health a priority at home, you are helping your furry friend live a longer, healthier, and happier life. 

Please contact us with additional questions or concerns about your cat’s behavior or appearance. Our team is always here for you at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital.