There are few things better than cat ownership. They are sweet companions that give us the warm fuzzies from sunup to sun down (and, let’s be honest, all through the night, too). They’re simply always there for us whenever we need them. 

To return the incredible favor, cat owners need to be there for their cats. Beyond repaying them with love, affection, and entertainment, it’s essential to provide for all of their cat care needs, too.

Not Low-Maintenance Pets

Contrary to widespread misperception, cats are not low-maintenance pets. They may not require strenuous exercise every day in order to keep destructive behaviors at bay (yeah, we’re looking at you, puppers), but their daily health requirements certainly don’t belong on the back burner. 

What Do Cats Need?

Once supportive cat care gear is acquired, such as their crate, bedding, toys, dishes, water fountain, litter box, litter, and age- or lifestyle-appropriate food, cat owners need to focus on basic feline health requirements.

Vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, and parasite prevention are all necessary elements of overall feline wellness. This is true for all cats, not just felines allowed to wander their neighborhoods. Indoor-only cats are equally susceptible to disease.

Keeping Fit

Because cats sleep ⅔ of the day they have the reputation of being a little…lazy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They expend a great deal of energy in the hours that surround both dawn and dusk, and must recover and replenish this output by sleeping. When they are awake, self-grooming, playing, exploring their surroundings, or asking for attention are on the agenda. 

Cat owners should respond to feline requests with enthusiasm. It’s not only fun to play with engaged, energetic cats, but mental and physical stimulation is vital to their health and well being.

What Does It Mean?

One reason behind feline popularity is their enigmatic or mysterious natures. They can be elusive, aloof, and even confusing at times. Because of this, cat owners must have a good idea of what’s normal for their cat, and what’s not. 

Cats mask signs of weakness. If they are ill or injured, you may not know it for some time. Every day, we recommend a close check in with your cat. If you ever notice anything even slightly “off”, please let us know.

Enrichment and Cat Care

A substantial component of cat care is keeping them happy. Indoor-only cats can become bored or depressed, increasing their odds of gaining weight and developing diabetes or other health conditions.

Indoor-only cats are safe from falls, fights with other animals, exposure to parasites, injury, or even death. But this security can come at a cost. Keep your cat happy by building them a catio, or enclosed cat-patio. There are many designs to choose from, and when your cat’s preferences are closely considered you are helping them live a long, happy, safe, and healthy life.


To really get a handle on optimal cat care, their dental health must be prioritized. Cats over the age of three typically show the signs of periodontal disease, but you can stop that national trend by regularly brushing their teeth at home. Cleanings, exams, x-rays, and more are included with our services, and go a long way toward supporting long term cat care.

Get Your Snuggle On

If you have further questions regarding cat care, feline behavior, and ways to best support them at home, our team at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital is always here for you.