Although it might be hard to prevent yourself from going to the dog rescue and taking every dog home, there are certain things to consider before adoption. Selecting the right breed for your home and lifestyle will improve your chances of providing a forever home for a dog in need. Here are some tips on how to select the right breed when adopting a dog:

Selecting the Right Breed with Personality

When thinking about the kind of breed that will fit best with your lifestyle, one of the first things to consider is your personality. If you are a high-energy person who loves going on adventures, you probably need a younger, energetic breed like a husky or an Australian heeler. If you prefer quiet nights at home, however, you should gravitate toward older dogs and calmer breeds like Basset hounds or even a retired greyhound. Talk to the staff at the dog rescue about your lifestyle so they can direct you toward the breeds that will complement it.

Choosing the Right Breed for Your Home

Your living situation can also affect the kind of dog breed you should get. If you live in a small apartment with not a lot of outdoor space, for example, a smaller breed like a toy poodle or a corgi that does not need as much exercise might be your ideal canine companion. Dogs that tend to bark a lot (like Pomeranians or chihuahuas) might not do well in buildings with shared walls. If you have access to lots of outdoor space or live near a park, you might want to go for a bigger breed like a German shepherd or a labrador retriever. You should also consider your home decor. If you do not want your dog to chew or pee on your furniture, you should probably steer clear of puppies and hyper breeds.

Think About Maintenance Needs

Some dogs need more grooming and maintenance than others. If you do not want to deal with dog hair all over your house, you might want to opt for a Maltese or a poodle. If you don’t mind regular bathing and grooming, you have more options. Some dog breeds slobber more than others, which could affect your flooring and furniture. Do some research on a dog breed before you take one home to ensure that you are up to the task of caring for it for life. Rescuing a dog is a big commitment, and you want to be sure you are ready for the challenge.

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