California is ripe with snakes, also known as sneks, nope ropes, tube dudes, and, in serious situations, danger noodles. These bois are filled with hurt juice and they know how to use it. Before you and your doggo have a close encounter of the danger noodle kind, be sure you are up-to-date on all the danger noodle safety tips:

Boops Are For Kids…And Doggos

If you see a snek of any kind, do not boop it no matter how much you want to. Most people cannot tell if a snek is a tube dude or a danger noodle just from glancing at him, and if you boop it, you might lose it. When you see a slither, keep your distance and take your little doggo too. While many tube dudes are harmless to you and your doggo, a danger noodle bite will cause some serious pain.

Don’t Rock It 

Danger noodles like to curl up under rocks when they are snoozin’, so if you are hiking or doing some yard work, use caution when moving any rock out the way. You are probably not thrilled when someone wakes you up unexpectedly, and neither are danger noodles. Since they don’t sleep in beds, they can never wake up on the right side of one, and if you wake them, they might strike you or your doggo before you even have a chance to react. Let sleeping danger noodles lie and stay far away from rocks that might double as snoozin’ stations.

Choose The Short Leash

We know you like to let your doggo explore when you are away from civilization, but it’s better for both of you if you keep him or her on a short leash. Doggos use their noses to explore and they might come nose-to-face with a danger noodle that will use some hurt juice to keep him away. You and your doggo should stay on any hiking trails to minimize your chances of encountering a surprise danger noodle. 

Do Your Yard Work

We know, we’re not your mom, but if you want to keep the danger noodles away from your yard, you need to minimize brush and debris that will attract rodents and other snacks for sneks. Cut the grass and place firewood far away from the house. If the sneks have no snacks, they will keep on slitherin’ until they find some noms.

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