Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital’s Current Appointment Process

The team at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital understands just how hard the last year has been on us all. Veterinary hospitals across the country have experienced unprecedented appointment requests. This combined with new Covid-19 protocols (like curbside service) and trying to avoid employee burnout means that your typical veterinary visit seems to take much longer [...]

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Should Your Dog Get the Leptospirosis Vaccine?

Although many pet owners think their furry friends are immune to certain diseases that require vaccines, the fact is, infections aren’t just common—they have the potential to be quite contagious, too.  Leptospirosis, or Lepto, is a bacterial infection carried by many different animal species (including humans) that live in rural, suburban, and urban communities. Luckily, [...]

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Indoors and Outside: How to Keep Your Pet Safe From Toxic Plants

Wouldn’t it be great if pets just knew instinctively what they should avoid? Jumping the fence, running into traffic, fighting with predatory animals, and sampling chocolate might happen less frequently simply because they knew they’re better off not doing those risky things.  When it comes to keeping your pet safe from toxic plants, it is [...]

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