Build a Catio, Give Your Cat the Best of Both Worlds 

When it comes to making their furry friends happy, cat owners are accustomed to thinking outside the box. Between cat trees and hammocks, window perches and cardboard castles, they try their best to ensure their cats remain comfortable, secure, curious, and connected to their environment.  For strictly indoor cats that show an eagerness to roam, [...]

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Keeping Calm: Managing Pet Anxiety

Summertime can be a wonderful opportunity to slow down, enjoy friends and family gatherings, and revel in summer festivities. But for our pets, summer may be an anxiety inducing time. Fireworks, parties, and thunderstorms can all leave your pet shaking with fear. What’s worse, pet anxiety can drive your otherwise calm pet to destructive behaviors [...]

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Are You Ready to Adopt a Cat? There’s Never Been a Better Time!

You really haven’t lived until you’ve lived with a cat. Brimming with playfulness and curiosity, cats can be endlessly entertaining, and they handle their own bathroom needs indoors! At the same time, cats can also have relatively quiet temperaments and enjoy napping on their own for long periods of time. If you don’t already have [...]

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Your Ticket to Cat Health and Wellness

Cats are amazing creatures. Their incredible personalities, their graceful movements, and their supple beauty keep us under their spell. Although cats are notorious for being independent and low maintenance, they also need and deserve our care and attention. Conscientious cat owners know that paying attention to cat health and wellness is important. But what are [...]

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Prevent a Pet Poisoning

Whether we have a brave and independent cat, or a brand new puppy who loves to explore, we love our pet’s curious natures. But sometimes this means they are prone to getting into (and eating) things they shouldn’t. In recognition of Pet Poison Awareness Week the third week of March, we’re focusing on preventing a [...]

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