A Note About COVID-19

A Note About COVID-19 Due to concerns about the threat of COVID-19, our hospital is taking additional precautionary measures to keep our staff, doctors, animals, and clients safe. As we are sure you are aware, the situation in Citrus heights, CA is changing on a daily basis. Effective 3/23/20 we will be implementing Curbside [...]

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Keeping Your Fur Friend in Great Health Through Pet Wellness Plans

Preventive health is the focus of creating a quality of life and longevity for our families. This includes regular examinations, advanced diagnostics, nutrition, and so on. In fact, wellness care is the foundation of a healthy and happy life. This is equally true for our pets.  Pet wellness care encompasses all of the important components [...]

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Big, Bright Smile: How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Your pet’s teeth are not only important for eating and chewing, they are also connected to other aspects of your pet’s health. Pets with good oral health and consistent brushing and cleaning are less likely to lose teeth, develop decay, and succumb to periodontal disease. While wellness examinations and dental cleanings are paramount to a [...]

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A Spotlight on Pet Dental Cleanings Using Anesthesia

Your pet’s oral health is the key to many other aspects of good health. In fact, dental disease has been linked to heart disease and other diseases of the internal body, such as liver disease. What was once an afterthought, keeping your pet’s teeth healthy through daily tooth brushing and annual examinations is something that [...]

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Senior Pet Health: Taking Great Care of Your Golden Oldie

If you’ve noticed a little grey around your fur-baby’s muzzle, you may have a senior pet. According to the AVMA, as a result of better pet nutrition and access to advanced veterinary care, pets are living longer lives. This means that our beloved companions can be seniors for longer portions of their lives.  But just [...]

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