Fast Acting: The Best Ways to Protect Your Pet From Smoke and Wildfires

It is simply part of life here in California. Various disasters like earthquakes, mudslides, and wildfires force people out of their homes every single year, and without preparations, the consequences can be dire.  Even when a natural disaster isn’t right around the corner, though, pets and people can still be affected by it. Wildfire smoke [...]

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Frito Footsies: The Case of the Corn Chip and Why Your Dog’s Paws Smell

Dogs never cease to amaze and entertain us with their curious, and often hilarious, ways. There are many things that cause us to ponder over our dogs’ behaviors, antics, and yes, even smells. Take, for example, that odd aroma that wafts off of your dog’s paws. Does it smell like corn chips? Most likely, yes.  [...]

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That’s Not a Toy! Cats and Snakes and Preventing Problems

As Californians, most of our clientele at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital know more than their fair share about snakes. From personal safety to basic first aid skills, snake safety is a part of living here. On the veterinary side, snakes and dogs are often discussed. We may have discussed rattlesnake vaccination with you during your [...]

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House Training Your Pet Can Be Easy and Fun

One of the most daunting aspects of pet adoption is the introduction and enforcement of household bathroom protocol. Of course, puppies and younger dogs are going to need more hands on training than older pups, but many previously house trained adult dogs that enter the shelter system require some re-training to establish healthy habits.  Without [...]

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