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Joint Venture: How to Soothe Arthritis in Dogs

Thanks to great owners and advances in veterinary medicine, dogs can enjoy longer, healthier lives than ever before. Progressive joint degeneration, especially when coupled with damage from a previous injury or strain can put a little strain on these longer lifespans, however. Many senior pups simply live with pain, but there are ways to promote [...]

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The Rewards of Successful Puppy Potty Training

If you’ve ever potty trained a human child, you’ll likely find that the process has a few things in common with puppy potty training. Both endeavors have the potential to be incredibly frustrating, messy, and time-consuming. However, the inevitable payoff is commensurate with the effort. No more accidents inside the house? Yes, please! We’ll get [...]

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Understanding Why Some Dogs Tremble or Shake

Many things can affect our dogs without us ever being the wiser. In fact, because they cannot express exactly what’s bothering them, we must watch their body language and behavior to achieve an “a-ha” moment. When something as obvious as shaking, shivering, or trembling occurs with some frequency, it’s natural to seek some answers. Ranging [...]

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Top 10 Pet Myths…Debunked!

Thanks to the internet, we have infinite information at our fingertips. Unfortunately, not all of it is correct. Sure, people were misleading others long before the world wide web, but it’s hard to argue against the fact that it happens online everyday. Pet ownership is one such topic that gets endless clicks and shares, so [...]

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Should You Take Your Cat With You…Wherever You Go?

Cats have a pretty strong homebody vibe, as evidenced by their decidedly territorial natures. The truth is, though, cats dislike feeling left out, especially if it means that they stay home alone. There are some incredible pioneering cat owners around the world that don’t allow for any breaks between fun times with their cats. It’s [...]

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The Microchip: The Lost Pet Saver

Have you read articles about cats and dogs being reunited with their families after being lost for several weeks and found thousands of miles away? Seems extraordinary, however there’s a simple and very effective solution to finding your lost beloved pets–it’s the microchip. Microchips are cost-effective, safe, painless and your vet can easily implant it. [...]

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